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Personalized Projection Pet Photo Dog Paw Bracelet


Sterling Silver
18K Rose Gold Plated Silver
Rough Black & White
Delicate Black & White
Delicate Colored
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Projection templates for photo projection bracelets from Remigifts
How to see photo inside projection jewelry from Remigifts

1. We now offer you two different black and white photo styles for personalization: one is Rough Black & White style. It has a smaller engraved area with a lot of white dots and will blur your uploaded images. The other is a Delicate Black & White style (It's made in the same way as our color photo), this style has a larger engraved area and brings out as much photo detail as possible in the highest possible clarity.
2. Since the overall personalization area is circular, we may crop your photo somewhat for the best final result.
3. The choice of "by which way": This option mainly affects which side of the text can be viewed normally. According to the laws of optics, only one side of the photo engraved on the bracelet matches the photo and text you entered. Viewed from the other side, it is in the opposite state. Please choose the direction you want before buying.

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A classic picture projection bracelet with a pet paw shape. Cute dog paws have always been used to express love for pets. Engrave your pet's photo into the projection. The good memories engraved in the bracelet will not be forgotten. This exquisite projection bracelet will be an excellent complementary accessory for all kinds of clothing and occasions.

✓ Customize Your Picture Projection Bracelet

Engrave the precious memories of you and your pet in the projection bracelet! Maybe your pet has gone or is aging, we can at least treasure the beautiful moments together. You can freely customize anything you like, including people, pets, landscapes and even symbols, and you can use the text as a souvenir.

In addition to simply filling the projection stone with the photo of your choice, we also provide several projection templates. Why not put pictures of pets in the template and say I love you in 100 languages.

✓ Meaningful Accessory & Memorial Gift

This custom projection bracelet engraved with pet photos will provide you with the perfect accessory or a meaningful souvenir for your loved one.

We tailor a photo projection bracelet for you to cherish or share your good times. It is also an ideal warm comfort for loved ones and friends who have lost their pets.

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